Help Make a Difference in the Lives of Children to Seniors

Move to Heal South Dakota is a brand new non-profit and we need your help to get “moving”! Any donation is appreciated and will help us promote physical and mental well-being in healthcare and community settings in South Dakota.

Why Donate to Move to Heal South Dakota

  • Children who are victims of traumatic life events can benefit emotionally, physically and spiritually from trauma-informed dance and yoga opportunities.
  • Childcare professionals and caregivers experiencing the added stress and anxiety of COVID-19 on top of demanding responsibilities deserve to make self-care a priority and can benefit from grounding meditation and restorative yoga techniques.
  • Seniors who fight hours of loneliness and physical pain of aging can participate in group sessions that provide gentle movements, playful music, dancing and laughter.

The Impact of Your gift

  • A $250 donation can bring movement opportunities – hope, health and healing through 10 Move To Heal South Dakota dance or yoga sessions. 
  • A $500 donation would provide 10 locations with a wireless Bluetooth speaker to fill sessions with upbeat, joyful and healing music.

Any amount you can provide will help bring the joy and healing benefits of movement to diverse populations across the state. Thank you for considering a gift to Move to Heal South Dakota.