KIDS YOGA | Ideal for 6 – 10 years old

Humans need humanity. The little ones we love and serve need it now more than ever. The Dalai Lama once said, “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” Now’s the time to do our part with the young people we love and serve. Please join us to celebrate the abundance of the fall season and the bounty of our gifts within. We’ll breathe easy, focus clearly, move freely, rest deeply, and practice gratitude as we journey and adventure and connect to those around us and with ourselves. There’ll be stories, journeys and adventures through the 4 Bs—our brains, our breath, our bodies, and our balance to discover the peace and love we all have within and how to share it with others. The children will show us the way…if we let them. Our practice begins.

YOUTH YOGA | Ideal for 11 years old and up

Growing up is tough. And considering the forces young people face, growing up gracefully is a nearly-impossible art. This experience is designed for tweens and teens interested in unlocking the power and resiliency they possess within, those who seek the experience of connection with Self and others, and those who care about the world and their place in it. We’ll practice getting grounded, moving mindfully, communicating compassionately, and practicing purposeful, passionate living.

ART + YOGA: DRAWING AWARENESS | All ages; up to 30 participates per session

Practicing yoga is an art form. The poses, breath, meditation, focus on self and the infinite are all rooted in art. Take this time to appreciate the creative side of your practice. One of the greatest purposes of art is to reach deeply into the psyche. This is necessary for the creator as well as the viewers. As far as history depicts, art is often in alliance with spiritual practices. Through art we think differently and on deeper levels. Thus, offering opportunities to delve further into mythic and archetypal themes. Themes that lie beyond the day to day. The realms that come to us in dream and meditation. Or perhaps during times of illness, change, and moments of complete healing of aspects within us. Art and yoga are conversations that occur within, about these topics and so much more. Every individual is a co-creator of their personal experience in life. Our collective world needs that creativity, compassion and intuitive intelligence that is present in everyone. I invite you to investigate these realms within you.


This class begins with acknowledgment to the sacred practice of yoga and then to the land in which we are practicing on. Indigenous Yoga Flow focuses on grounding techniques through meditation, movement and breathwork. During practice, we pray or set an intention and then guide our movements with our breath. As we move, we focus on the connection to the earth, the sky, and our physical bodies while observing the quality of our thoughts. The pace of movement varies and depends on those participating.  


This is a Vinyasa style prayer flow that uses 7th Generation philosophy to connect past, present, and future. Vinyasa Yoga connects one posture to the next using the breath. 7 Generation Prayer Flow recognizes each individual as an important center link in a generational chain. They have a profound ripple effect. It is necessary to care for, and heal from the past and present, to ensure a healthier, brighter future for generations to come. If we do not care for the body and self, we lose the ability to care for the world around us.

POWWOW YOGA | All ages

Powwow Yoga is a fusion practice that combines Indigenous Powwow Dancing with Vinyasa Yoga for a five-dimensional workout incorporating cardio, strengthening and stretching, neural stimulation, breathwork, and meditation. Powwow Yoga bridges the gap between the group fitness and yoga worlds while adding grounding cultural elements.

Based on the original language of the Native Drumbeat that supports a unique, grounding connection in each one of us, Powwow Yoga is a fiery yang practice, complete with primal energy movements fused seamlessly into a yoga flow. Focusing on both Masculine and Feminine energies, this movement utilizes both Men’s and Women’s Styles of Powwow Dance to target major and minor muscle groups and chakras for a well-balanced, energetic shift.

Powwow Dancing is a high-energy form that opens the lungs and gets the heart rate up, helping you to build stamina and shed weight. This movement improves brain function and boosts memory while reducing stress, increasing levels of the “feel-good” hormone serotonin, and helping develop new neural connections in executive function, long-term memory, and spatial recognition. Powwow Yoga incorporates these functions and benefits into a yoga flow with conscious breathwork and static yoga poses, giving the body a well-rounded workout and creating deep muscle toning, extension, and flexibility. Powwow Yoga is a perfect practice to bring balance to the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.